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An Ultimate Guide Featuring Different Necklace Types for Every Woman


A necklace is one of the best accessories you can have in your jewellery collection. It does an excellent job of driving people’s attention. Since necklaces are available in various sizes, designs, materials, and styles, finding a perfect necklace aligning with your personality won’t be a huge challenge. And with this guide by your side, you will know exactly what type of necklace you want. After taking a quick look at the market, we’ve listed below all the popular necklace types you should be aware of. So let’s quickly check out the list shared below.

Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is a must if you want a versatile necklace that is easy to pair with most outfits. Although you can find a pendant necklace in varying sizes and designs, it is generally sleek in design and features a gemstone(s). Working women willing to include a pendant necklace in their daily attire should look for minimalistic designs that easily blend with most office dress codes. But if you want your necklace to grab the most attention, consider investing in a medium to large-size pendant placed in a gold chain.

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Choker Necklace

A choker is a unique necklace type that fits closely around the neck. While high-end designer choker necklaces are generally made of gold, diamond, silver, and other precious metals and gemstones, you can also find chokers made of velvet, ribbon, and more fabrics. A well-made choker necklace can always be worn as a statement piece with most outfits. You can view a choker as a chunky piece of jewellery that sits really close to your neck. If you love bringing contrast to your appearance, a stylish choker is all you need.

Lariat Necklace

Also known as the Y-necklace by some, a lariat necklace is primarily longer than an opera necklace. You can view it as a rope version of a necklace that lacks a clasp. Most lariat necklaces have beautifully polished beads and chains, making a long rope that can be pulled through a circular filter and being tied at the front. If you like wearing long necklaces, lariat necklaces will match your requirement. Some women tend to wrap a lariat necklace around the neck twice (if the lariat necklace is too long) to give it a choker-like appearance.

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Bib Necklace

A bib necklace can be made using multiple materials like gemstones, beads, etc. For the uninitiated, a bib necklace features a wide portion of gemstones or other materials resting below the collarbone area and a narrower frame around the neck. These necklaces are mostly considered statement pieces, and you can find women at parties wearing these with beautiful outfits. You can easily find one online that matches your style requirements.

Simple Gold Chains

Some confuse necklaces with heavy neckpieces or ornaments featuring intricate designs and too many gemstones. A simple gold chain is also considered a necklace type, so you can get one featuring a sophisticated style. If you prefer a minimalistic design, look for simple gold chains that don’t have a fancy design. To give character to your chains, you can look for options made using rose gold or white gold instead of yellow gold. You can wear a gold chain as a standalone accessory or use it as a layering item with other neckpieces.

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Gift Yourself the Best Neckpiece for Attention-grabbing Looks

A necklace is a significant part of any attire, so you must put the time and effort into finding the right design that goes with most outfits. If you want to limit your accessories stock, consider keeping the necklace types discussed in this article. These are evergreen necklaces that will never go out of fashion and help you look your best.




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