February 13


Why Is Creative Writing an Essential Skill for Success?

Your ability to succeed is majorly determined by your ability to communicate effectively with people. Unless you know how to convey your ideas to others, you can’t turn your ideas into action.


In a world that is increasingly in demand for people with strong technical skills. The biggest evidence of this can be found in the number of people registering in coding and AI bootcamp. The value of soft skills like communication are often undermined by the high demand for skilled professionals. However, people often need to realize that any skill can only be imparted comprehensively if one possesses the power to convey their thoughts.

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With several AI tools and AI courses gaining pace, the world has been fearing that creative writers will be replaced completely by AI. But that’s unlikely to happen in the near future. Creative writing is an art that serves more than just a medium for writers to convey their ideas. It’s a creative playground.


People often get the wrong idea when they think of creative writing. They may often get the imagery of two people in the 1700s discussing abstract concepts and scribbling down incoherent fragments of words. Yes, that’s also creative writing, but that’s not all that creative writing is. Creative writing is more than poems, prose, and fictional texts. Creative writing is essential for early success in any career, even if the field is a math-heavy one like data science.

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A good thing though is this perspective toward creative writing is melting down. It is justified by the increased interest of global learners in online courses in communication and media.

  1. You learn how to get the work done: For centuries, the world has been standing strong on the pillars of businesses. Regardless of their profession, everybody is a part of some business chain. Whether somebody is a digital marketer, a medical professional, an aspiring software developer, or a person from any other professional background, the ones who know the art of persuasion almost always succeeds in their career. From the perspective of business personnel, you would agree that communication is the skill that makes or breaks the deal. If you can’t persuade your clients to try your products or services, your business is bound to stagnate. To persuade somebody with words, you must be creative with how you play with words.
  2. You strengthen your critical thinking skills: One of the key characteristics of a strong creative writer is the ability to process complex information and articulate significant ideas from them in the most cohesive way possible. Imagine yourself as a professional programmer. You might not expect to be a creative writer, but you certainly are. How? To explain long fragments of code, choose the set of syntax that gets the work done most clearly and effectively as possible. It saves time as you get your code to do the work for you in the least time. You approach the problem more creatively than theoretically to solve it.
  3. You can express yourself more clearly: The more samples of creative writing you expose yourself to, the more likely you will learn the art of expression. When you can convey your perspectives correctly, you’re more able to understand others’ perspectives. This understanding or empathy is essential for building meaningful connections with people who can help you succeed. If you’re a creative writer, you’re more likely to have strong interpersonal skills.
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Many platforms that provide AWS certification training courses, also run initiatives for creative writers. For anybody willing to connect with creative writers from across the globe, such online platforms can be a great place to start.


Overall, creative writing is an essential skill to possess if somebody wants to gain success in their professional or personal lives. You can find an array of free certificate courses on creative writing to train your skills. The journey you follow to become a creative writer teaches you much more than just becoming smarter with words.




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