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What is the CAT Exam Syllabus?

There is no standard syllabus published for the CAT Exam to date. However, candidates can refer to the syllabus and other resources available on the internet. Understanding the CAT Exam syllabus is important as it covers a wide range of topics which requires an enormous amount of time to be completed thoroughly. The exam format has changed numerous times over the years. For CAT 2020, the sectional time was reduced to 40 minutes by the IIMs.The overall time for the exam was reduced from 180 minutes to 120 minutes due to the pandemic of 2020.

The number of registered candidates for the CAT Exam keeps increasing every year. On a rotational basis, one of the IIMs administers the CAT computer test. Candidates are evaluated on their aptitude, reasoning, and verbal ability skills in this exam. The CAT curriculum covers a wide range of topics from the high school curriculum, requiring some additional work. It is critical to incorporate ideas that are appropriate for the candidate’s study methods and to stick to a timetable regularly. Candidates need to solve as many mock tests and past years’ question papers and refer to the answers with the CAT Answer Key to get an understanding of the exam setting. Select the most accessible learning approach that will help candidates ace the exam and get started studying.

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CAT 2022 Exam Pattern

  • The CAT Exam consists of a total of 66 questions. 24 questions are asked from the verbal ability and reading comprehension section. 22 questions are asked from the data interpretation & logical reasoning section and the aptitude section.
  • Three marks are awarded for every right answer. There is a negative marking of one mark for every incorrect answer.
  • The CAT Exam has a sectional time duration of 40 minutes. There is an onscreen timer which aids candidates in viewing the remaining time left to complete the particular section. Once the time is over, the screen automatically takes to the next section. Candidates will not be able to go back to the previous section to view or alter their answers.
  • There is an onscreen calculator feature in the CAT Exam which helps candidates perform the basic calculations quickly.
  • It must be noted that the CAT Exam is held in the computer based mode, and it is not a paper and pen based examination. The question paper is available only in the English version.
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The CAT Exam is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. One can only get through this exam with a high percentile only through hard work. There are many resources available on the internet which help students to prepare for the CAT Exam. The previous years’ question papers, answer keys,  CAT Exam Slot 1 Analysis, Slot 3 Analysis, free resources for preparation, and sectional mock tests all of these can be used to prepare for the exam effectively. Candidates can also join CAT coaching to be better prepared under the guidance of teachers who have years of experience.


CAT 2022 Exam Pattern, what is the cat exam syllabus?

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