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What are the Advantages of a fully Automatic Case Erector?

Case erectors are essential equipment for startup companies or experienced manufacturers. It requires a lot of capital investment to install case erecting equipment. The fully automotive ones are in high demand for some good reasons. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic are all available on the market. A manual case features a 90-wedge that helps workers achieve perfectly square corners, securing the bottom flaps. On the other hand, the semi-automatic case erectors can be inserted easily into the machine to make the flaps automatically. Among all the types of erectors, fully automatic ones are in high demand.


This simple equipment can provide multiple benefits for a packaging company. This article will focus on describing the reasons why a fully automated case erector is the best choice.

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What are the advantages?

Increase productivity: An average worker can erect a maximum of three boxes in a minute. But an easy erection can make at least 10 boxes per minute. It is a great selling point for the machine. It counted adequately; a case erector can make 2500 cases in 14 hours. The process is fully automatic, and there is no scope for human error.


Reduce staff hours: An employer needs to hire a person for manual erection. But when the company has a fully automatic case erector, there is no need to hire a person. It is a great way to reduce staff hours. The packers can work more efficiently and quickly. One can reduce the number of hiring employees and cut the salary cost. It is also great to reduce it over time. Humans can feel tired, but not machines.

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Reduce injury: Tiredness from work can increase the chance of injury, causing stiffness in the wrists, shoulders, and hands. On the other hand, the automation of case formation can reduce exposure and repetitive strain injury.


Faster changeovers: Those who are hesitating about buying new pieces of equipment will be happy to know that the case erecting equipment requires no skilled operator. It is fully automatic and anyone can handle it. It can do a complete changeover in minutes, which is excellent for any company. It requires fewer parts, and the cost of repairing them is not excessively high. This was all about the benefits of buying automated case erectors.

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Those looking for fully automated case erecting equipment should make their choice carefully. Some people think a case erector is an unnecessary investment, but considering all the benefits it offers; there is no doubt it is a brilliant choice. Whether productivity, timing, or efficiency, case erectors can bring multiple benefits to a company. It also reduces costs. Before investing in a case erector, do home studies on the project. Forget not to check the online reviews and the features it offers. All brands claim to produce the highest quality models, but they don’t. This was all about the advantages and reasons for a company using a top-quality automatic case erector.

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