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How Can a Salon POS System Help Manage Salon Business 

Managing a beauty salon needs you have skills of a juggler.  In other words, the business demands that salon managers adroitly balance all administrative activities required to smoothly run a salon. Therefore, managers need to have a highly effective and efficient salon business management strategy and it is a part of this strategy that increasing number of salon managers are opting to leverage technology to handle all the back-end processes ranging from booking appointments to collecting post service guest feedback, such that they can spend their time focusing on delivering superior guest experience, evaluating business performance, and ensuring profitability. So, if you’re still new to the idea of using a salon POS system to manage your salon operations, then read along to know the right POS System can make your business efficient, reduce costs, and help you deliver excellent guest experience.

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Smart Appointments System

A well designed appointment system can work wonders for your business, and a salon POS system helps you create one. Designed to accept and schedule bookings through multiple platforms such as website, apps, or ChatBots, a salon POS System enables clients to get an appointment or reschedule an existing one in just about a few clicks. The system is instantaneous, works 24x7x365, and benefits both the guest and the service provider. What is even better that once the appointment is confirmed, the salon POS system automatically keeps a track of it to send timely reminders to both client and the service provider and thus reduce no-show bookings.

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Employee Management

A salon POS system empowers you to implement a transparent employee management system. From recording shift roster based attendance and overtime to setting up KPI and computing error free remuneration, the POS system can assist you with everything. Whether it is attendance linked payroll computation or income from tips and commissions, the software lets you automate each and every process. As the system allows you to create individual profiles for each employee, you can set role based responsibilities, and performance parameters. Further, by simply logging into the staff module, employees can get real time snap shot about their performance, income from tips and commissions, leave status. The salon POS system from Zenoti comes with a robust employee management module, wherein managers or owners can set role based data authorization for employees simply from the employee profile page.

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Inventory Management 

How many hours have you spent in keeping a track of your inventory? How much of your stock has been slow moving goods? On any given day, managing inventory can be tough. However, it doesn’t have to be so. A salon POS software empowers you to take out the guess work from the equation, and assist you in running an inventory light business. By keeping a complete track of inventory, and automatically adjusting the stock levels after every sales and consumption transaction, the software keeps you informed about your inventory at all times. Since, the entire process is automated not only do you eliminate the element of human error but also that of loss by theft. Moreover, by analyzing the lead times and the sales data, the software auto prompts when it is time to replenish stocks. As a result, you’re never blocking excess capital in the inventory.

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Invoicing, Payments & Accounting

Ease your transaction handling, and record each and every financial transaction. The software allows you to generate professional invoices complete with all the details such as date, time, product details, price, taxes, and discounts if any. With the right combination of hardware, the system can accept payments through charge cards, credit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets. A salon POS software democratizes the way your business can accept payments and empowers the guest to choose what works for them. The invoice captures the payment details and makes the reconciliation easy. Some software are equipped to also make relevant accounting entries for each invoice generated and reduce the work of the accountant.

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Marketing Management 

Perhaps one of the best features about the salon management software is that it prevents you from running blind marketing campaigns. By deploying advanced data analytic to analyze customer profiles and past sales records the software assists you in improving your marketing strategy and run highly personalized marketing campaigns, which are likely to find higher acceptability by the guests. Further, by analyzing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, it gives you a clear indication of which techniques are working and which aren’t. Thinking of deploying a new strategy such as email marketing or text messages? Don’t worry a salon POS software has got you covered. As the POS software maintains a centralized data base of guests, it enables you to send emails in just one click.


Customized Reporting

Access your business reports, anytime and anywhere. A salon POS software can create reports in the way you desire and highlight the weak and the strong points of your business. From daily sales report to cash flow statements, each and every report can be generated in just a few clicks. Zenoti salon POS system comes with pre-set templates, which allow you to create graphical representation of data in just a few clicks and present all the information in form of an interactive dashboard.

Over and above these features, a salon POS software can do much more for your business. Some of the additional features include, loyalty program, data security, multi-location operations. The salon management software market is mature and has many competitors. Some of the renowned and well established names are Zenoti, Vagaro, Schedul, Phorest, Salonist etc. Personally, we recommend Zenoti as it is a cloud based salon POS, which offers a complete package of solutions, is scalable to cater to growing needs, and comes with an easy learning curve.

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