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Hiring the Services of a No-Fault Defense Lawyer

The no-fault law is complex. Its interpretation, application, as well as regulations, are constantly changing. If one knows in detail about this law, it can mean the difference between success and failure. The no-fault defense team attorneys, on average, have more than a decade of experience in the field of law.

What is a no-fault defense law?

Under the new law, one doesn’t need to prove that one’s spouse was responsible for breaking the marriage. This reform has been praised as it greatly reduces the potential for conflict.

Advantages of the no-fault defense law

The main advantage of a no-fault divorce is that it will eliminate the chances of any kind of blame game by either party within the legal process of divorce. This way, one can avoid unnecessary conflict. The old law has been severely criticized for increasing the tension between the two parties. In most situations, no such conflicts exist between the two parties. The parties drift apart, or they decide that they want different things in life. It is hoped that rather than playing the blame game in divorce proceedings, parties should instead direct their energy to focus more on the other practical issues that include child arrangements or financial orders.

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Another advantage is that it reduces the time one would otherwise have to wait for the divorce proceedings to get over. Under the old law, where adultery or unreasonable behavior did not apply, the parties had to wait for either two years (with consent) or five years (without permission) from the date they filed a divorce appeal. In comparison, under the new law, one does not need to wait. This is important in domestic abuse cases as the victim will no longer be trapped in a dangerous marriage.

The introduction of the new law has made divorce much more accessible. This is an advantage as this means that people, who previously may have feared the divorce process due to delays or lack of understanding, will now be able to terminate their marriage and move on much more quickly.

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Reasons why one should hire the services of a no-fault defense lawyer firm:

Provide one with expert guidance

The successful defense of no-fault disputes begins with proper and effective claims handling. The no-fault defense lawyer will help the clients speed up on current legal parameters, providing them with relevant advice and guidance throughout the claims process.

Innovative Solutions

Just knowing the law is not always enough. Sometimes, the desired outcome is achieved only by molding the law to align with one’s interests. The no-fault defense lawyer will be able to monitor industry trends and appellate decisions as they have several years of experience, and therefore, they have been able to help their clients save a lot of money.

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With proper focus, no-fault defense lawyers can gain the knowledge and expertise to defend no-fault litigation and arbitration with exceptional skill. Whether one is negotiating a settlement to minimize exposure or shaping new laws by arguing in front of the highest courts, one will ensure their client can get the best decisions.


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