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Girija Tickoo

Girija Tickoo (Sharda Pandit) Wikipedia, Biography

Real NameGirija Tickoo
Nickname (Famous Name)Sharda Pandit
ProfessionLab Assistance in a School in Bandipora.
Age (at the time of her death)21 years
Birthday15 February 1969 (Saturday)
HometownBandipora, Baramulla, Kashmir
ResidenceArigam, Bandipora, Baramulla
Husband’s NameKanya Lal Tiku
ChildrenSon – 1 (4 Years Old)
Daughter– None
Date of KidnappingJune 1990
Date of Assassination11 June 1990 (Monday)

Regarding Girija Tickoo (the fictional character from the Sharda Pandit Kashmir Files), Friends, we’d like to start off today’s post by discussing Sharda Pandit’s actual life narrative. We will now talk about the biography of Girija Tickoo, her husband Kanya Lal Tiku, her parents, Wikipedia, her family, her children, the reason for her death, and other details.

What is the net worth of Girija Tickoo?

Girija Tickoo has an net worth of $3 million.

Girija Tickoo was who? The Real Sharda Pandit

I’m going to show you this picture of one of those women, whose name is Girija Tickoo. In Bandipora, Kashmir, Sharda Pandit was employed as a lab assistant by a public school. The environment in the Kashmir valley was quite poor around January 1990. She therefore made the trip to Jammu with her family, including her husband, kids, and parents. At the time, she also had a 4-year-old son.

Education & Early Life

On February 15, 1969, Girija Tickoo (Sharda Pandit) was born into a Kashmiri Hindu Pandit family (Saturday). She was born in a Kashmiri community close to Bandipora. Girija Tickoo  is the oldest of her siblings and the oldest girl in her family. She grew up in Kashmir Valley along with her mother, father, brother, and sister.

Qualification:- She attended a local government school to study. She later graduated from Kashmir University with a graduate degree.

Relationship status

After receiving her diploma, Girija Tickoo married Kanya Lal Tiku, who was her fiancé. Girija gave birth to a son after the couple had been married for a year. She was survived by a 4-year-old kid at the time of her death (Name not known).

Family Girija Tickoo ,Source ;Instagram
Family Girija Tickoo ,Source ;Instagram

What happened when Jihadi Muslim terrorists kidnapped Girija Tickoo?

A school official called Girija Tickoo in June 1990 to discuss her upcoming salary clearance and other paperwork. Additionally, the administrator informed Girija that she could return to Kashmir as the situation there has improved and the separatist leaders have also left.

Following this guarantee, Tickoo returned to Kashmir’s home and collected a paycheck from the school. She then considered going to Bandipora to meet up with her Muslim friends. However, she was unaware that a Muslim Jihadi group was pursuing her.

These Jihadi Separatist militants abducted Girija Tickoo from the same Muslim friend’s home. The Muslim friend’s family did not object to the kidnapping of Girija in any way. The entire population in the area was also just standing there and observing this entire incident. No one has had the guts to protest this kidnapping.


Because Muslims believed that Hindus were Kafir at the time, they did not assist Kashmiri Pandits who were Hindus. No one has shielded Tickoo (Sharda Pandit) from Jihadi terrorists as a result of this bogus tale. Even their families and her friend are in favor of the kidnapping.

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