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Crystal Healing Properties Of Different Types of Gemstones


Gemstones are one of the most attractive and rare minerals, with a sophisticated look and color. The earth has fostered gemstones for many years, making them a priceless gift. Many ancient cultures, including Egypt, Greece, India, and China, thought that gemstones had therapeutic properties. Some expert astrologers and crystal therapists believe that gemstones like citrine cathedral promote the flow of good energy and help cleanse the mind and body of negative energy for both emotional and physical benefits.

Effects on Human Body

Aura, also known as the spiritual bio-magnetic stratum, is an invisible energy field that encircles one’s physical body. According to astrological theory, gemstones have an impact on each chakra (energy centers of the body), which affects the brain, heart, and entire body. Gemstones can help people become more conscious of their psychological, spiritual, and emotional selves.

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Colors are a gemstone’s primary source of power. All seven color rays—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet—are necessary for the body. Each color ray has a link to one or more chakras. Gemstones release cosmic rays when exposed to sunlight, which the body’s chakras absorb, speeding up the healing of affected areas and organs. Here are some popular gems that are used for crystal healing-


A strong healer and cleanser that removes disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization, as well as boosting the immune system and acting as a natural antibiotic. It is believed to treat depression, energy strain, throat problems, and goitre. Wearing this gem is beneficial for those who feel sick a lot of the time.

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Black Tourmaline Black

Tourmaline protects against evil powers as well as negative energy from people and places. The most powerful stone for healing and protection on all levels: physical, emotional, cerebral, and spiritual—it sets up a protective energetic barrier around the person.

Citrine Cathedral

Citrine Cathedral is a golden-yellow gemstone that has been treasured since 300 BC for its dazzling color and is linked to the sun’s rejuvenating and healing properties. Citrine was used on Roman breastplates as a protective shield since it was believed that it contributed to a life of happiness and longevity.

Rose Quartz

This exquisite pink crystal is a stone of love, attraction, intimacy, and well-being. Rose quartz radiates energies of beauty, love, and compassion. Also, it helps treat infertility and impotence. Rose quartz fosters self-worth and self-love.

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Since ancient times, jade has been regarded as a stone of luck, prosperity, and money. For greater financial success, Green Jade guides people toward becoming wealthy while protecting their personal finances. It motivates people to work hard to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. Jade promotes tranquility and calmness in life and offers a meditative, serene energy.


Gems are used as amulets, neckpieces, bracelets, rings, and bracelets. On the other hand, another crustal-like citrine is a stunning and elegant choice when mounted as the focal point of a pendant or ring. Hand-cut citrine cathedral clusters also make lovely and fascinating decorations for the home or workplace. To improve the reflection of light, they are typically polished and carefully cut. The color, cut, clarity, and brilliance of a gemstone are what define it as special, fascinating, and rare.

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