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CBD Oil For Dogs: Can It Help Dogs Suffering From Cancer?

Most dog parents try all they can to ensure their furry babies stay in perfect health at all times. However, despite all they do, pets are still susceptible to some diseases.

One of the diseases dogs are prone to is cancer. Mammary cancer, hemangiosarcoma, bone cancer, melanoma, and canine lymphoma are some of the cancer types canines are prone to. You can read this to learn more about cancer in canines.

Some dog parents have attested that CBD is a great supplement for their furry friends undergoing treatment regimens for cancer. However, this compound isn’t a miracle medicine; neither can it cure cancer on its own.

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Hence, it can’t remove a cancerous growth in your pet. Yet, it can help as it’s been said to slow cancerous cells and tumors growth in certain cases. It has also been shown to work effectively alongside other treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

In this read, we will be considering the use of CBD oil for dogs and how it can help canines suffering from cancer.

Is it recommended by Vets?

When your pet is suffering from a terminal disease of this magnitude, it is normal to be open to all approaches. Therefore, at some point, someone may have mentioned CBD oil to you. However, we are most likely sure that this recommendation did not come from your vet.

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The legal situation concerning the use of cannabidiol is still quite murky. In some states, it is allowed, yet, vets aren’t allowed to initiate a conversation about it with their clients (the only exception to this is California).

Despite this, most vets know the usefulness of cannabidiol as a supplementary treatment to canines suffering from this disease. However, they won’t tell you this unless you initiate the conversation.

So, if you want to try CBD oil for your dog, you would need to be the one to ask your vet about it and not wait for them to because they most probably won’t.

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You need to ask your vet before you give CBD oil to your pet suffering from this disease as not doing so may be detrimental to your pet in the end. When you speak to your vet about it, they may either give you the go-ahead or ask you not to.

How Does it Help Canines with Cancer?

Canines are mammals and mammals have endocannabinoid systems. This system simply means several receptors which are found throughout the mammal’s body and regulate things like anxiety, nausea, and pain. Visit to learn more about the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabinoids is the general name for compounds that are found in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these compounds. It is through the endocannabinoid system that cannabinoids can interact with the body. When they do, they can mimic the workings of the cannabinoids naturally occurring in the mammals’ bodies.

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Hence, CBD can effectively provide relief for several kinds of pain in the body. Cancer often causes several parts of the body to get inflamed. This often results in aches and arthritis. Cannabidiol is a very wonderful way of reducing these pains.

Some cancers are also accompanied by seizures. Watching your furry baby experience a seizure can be quite distressing. Luckily, cannabidiol can help with this. This compound has been known to help the severity, number, and duration of seizures.

This in itself is a quite compelling reason for you to add cannabidiol oil to your pet’s cancer treatment regime, especially if it suffers from seizures.

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How to Use

You will get the best result by administering the supplement to your pet twice daily. You also have to be consistent and give it the proper dosing.

According to the guidelines, 1 to 5 mg of cannabidiol should be administered per ten pounds body weight. That is to say, the dose you give your dog should be determined by its size.

However, there are certain situations where this proper dosage may not suffice as the right dosage may vary a little bit for certain situations.

This is why you must speak to your vet before you start administering. They would be able to tell you what dosage to give your pet. Furthermore, the best method to administer the oil to your dog is via tinctures.

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We Are Not Talking About Medical Marijuana

It is often common for people to confuse CBD for dogs with medical marijuana. Hence, we will like to clearly state now that we are not talking about medical marijuana.

Most humans suffering from cancer usually use medical marijuana. However, medical marijuana contains enough THC to harm canines.

Therefore, if you decide to give your canine CBD oil, you have to ensure the product is gotten from hemp plants and not marijuana. When it is gotten from hemp, the THC level in the product will be lesser than 0.3 percent.

0.3 percent of THC is just the right percentage the product should have as it won’t be harmful to your pet. It would also be incapable of getting your pet high and would only offer it the right benefits which it very much needs.

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While CBD oil on its own cannot cure cancer in your pet, it can go a very long way in managing the pain and seizures that sometimes accompany cancer. So, if you are considering getting CBD oil for your pet suffering from this disease, we recommend you do. However, ensure you speak to your vet before you do.


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