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Best Dhurrie Designs to Beautify Your Homes

Your home is the canvas on which you can let your artistic creativity flourish. Many people prefer decorating their room using dhurries. A dhurrie can be the final touch in any interior design because it completes the appearance of the room in which it is placed.

Knowing which style you prefer and which one will complement your home’s decor will help you find the perfect dhurrie. Here are a few of the most fashionable dhurries you can use to decorate your home.

  1. Wavy Chevron Dhurrie Neutral

The wavy chevron is a pleasant and elegant pattern that contrasts florals greatly or adds a splash of colour to a plain room. The dhurrie neutral adds both elegance and a relaxed vibe. This has a 2.5” finishing fringe on both ends and is durable while still being soft underfoot. It is a handmade product that works well when layered over a larger piece of sisal.

  1. Maze Dhurrie Light Blue
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This dhurrie is handcrafted and finished on an antique home loom built by the forebearers of master weavers. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is 100% heavy cotton, plush underfoot, cost-effective, and long-lasting. The light blue dhurrie enhances the beauty of your space with its delicate prints and fringes on both ends.

  1. Diamond Jali Dhurrie Navy


The Diamond Jali dhurrie adds a classic layer of pattern to a print-filled space or a unique geometric flair to a blank canvas. It is inspired by “jali”, a term for lattice, a detail frequently found in Indian architecture. For use in your home, this dhurrie design is of extraordinary quality and craftsmanship.



  1. Cotton Chenille Dhurrie Charcoal


The cotton chenille dhurrie is a popular choice among customers because it looks fashionable for your home. The hand-woven, monochromatic dhurrie adds artistic minimalism to your spaces. This dhurrie is a must-have because it is extremely adaptable and contemporary to fit your aesthetics perfectly.

5. Vintage Floral Dhurrie


This dhurrie is a thick, flat-woven dhurrie used traditionally as floor coverings. The hand-woven cotton vintage floral dhurrie features a colour-blocked field and border adorned with gorgeous floral motifs. Stylised florals elegantly float in the abashed beige field. It is enclosed with a complementary floral border. The simple but graceful design of the dhurrie is elegant and refined.

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  1. Flat-weave Dhurrie with Southwestern Style


This hand-woven dhurrie is a stunning visual display of woven art. The dhurrie is covered in a geometric pattern that repeats itself and comprises five vertical columns of juxtaposed star motifs. The star motifs are symmetrically interspersed with triangular amulets, highlighting the genuine and antiquated spirit of tribal art. To add visual appeal, a series of geometric borders surround it.


  1. Classic-designed Dhurrie


This dhurrie frequently has a bright red design on a base colour of pinkish-white. A bold red or black line separates each motif. It is made beautiful by intricate patterns, like the “Neempatti” pattern, which features flowers with 24 petals and is surrounded by leaves and blossoms.

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  1. Evy Printed Dhurrie


This versatile floor piece is crafted using traditional techniques and patterns, adding style and luxury to any space. This floor durrie will give your home a fashionable touch. The intricately Evy-patterned durrie made of 100% handloom cotton is the ideal way to add a touch of intricate pattern to your room.


With numerous styles of dhurries available online and in showrooms, you can choose your preferred style within your budget. Each style has perks and, if matched with the decor of your room, will look fantastic. You can even transform your home with the addition of carpet for hall, which you can easily explore and buy online or from your nearest showrooms.

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