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Alternatives to Getting a Landline


If you’re looking into getting phone service for your home, you might want to get a landline. However, a traditional landline may not be the best choice for your home. In the past, there weren’t any viable options. That has changed in the last few years. Most people these days simply use their mobile phones everywhere, including their homes. However, there is a third option: voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone service.

Keep reading to learn more about why a traditional landline may not be the best choice.

Why Traditional Landlines Might Not Be the Best Choice

Traditional landlines have become relatively rare in the United States for a reason. Mobile phones can serve the same purpose, and you won’t have to pay for two different phone plans. However, mobile phones may not be the best option, either.

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Mobile phones have expensive plans. Also, cell phones are known for having terrible call quality. Finally, many people will want a business phone in their home if they have a home office. The alternative is getting VoIP service.

Using VoIP Desk Phones Instead of a Landline

If you have a home office, you might want to get a VoIP desk phone instead of a landline. VoIP service will likely be cheaper than phone service for a landline. Also, you will not have to have a technician from the phone company come out, as you might if you were having a landline installed. Finally, using a VoIP desk phone instead of a VoIP-enabled mobile phone will make it easier for you to separate your personal and private lives.

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Using VoIP-Enabled Mobile Phones Instead of a Landline

If you want different home and mobile numbers, you don’t need to have a landline put in. You don’t even need to get a VoIP desk phone. Instead, you can simply get a VoIP subscription and download the service provider’s app on your phone. Most major VoIP service providers have their own apps these days. This will allow you to have two different numbers with one phone. You may want to do this if you run a home business and you want a business number that is separate from your personal number.

Of course, you can get a VoIP desk phone and still download the VoIP service provider’s app onto your phone. This would give you the greatest amount of flexibility. You could use the VoIP desk phone when you are at home and still answer calls on your VoIP home phone number from your mobile phone.

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